Risk Assessment Investigations in India,Risk Assessment Detectives in India

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment
→ Collection of baseline data related to socio – economic profile of the study region with reference to: Human settlements Infrastructure resources base, viz. residential accommodation, social amenities like markets, roads, rail, airport, power, water supply, sewage system, educational institutions, health care facilities.
→ Economic resources base, viz. agriculture, industries, forest, fisheries, trade and commerce
→ Health Status, viz. morbidity pattern with references to prominent and endemic diseases.
→ Cultural and Aesthetic attributes in the study region including places of historical / archaeological importance.
→ Evaluate capacity of infrastructure to cater to present urban population and subsequent load on the environment from the proposed development.
→ Sociology-economic survey to assess the quality of life of the study region and their perception local/ governmental/Non – Governmental about the proposed developments
→ Projection of changes anticipated due to the proposed development and delineation of measures to minimize the adverse impacts
→ Assessment of impacts on places of historical / archaeological importance and aesthetic impairment
→ Assessment of economic benefits to community and environment due to the proposed development.

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