Post Matrimonial Detectives in India,Post Matrimonial Detectives in India

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation
Citywide Detective is a leading and prominent detective agency in India. We are a Delhi based company renowned for solving all kind of cases timelessly. We are a team of experienced and well trained ladies who understand how to handle and solve small and big problems of the married life. Suspicion in a marital relation is the problem seen very often. A doubt of betrayal is something that can scare anyone. Anyone can become vulnerable and so it really becomes important to seek timely expert advice.

We have a large sphere of investigation in all the cities of India and some foreign countries also. Our work area includes conducting post matrimonial investigation in Delhi along with post matrimonial investigation in India. We garner the requirements of our privileged clients first and then tell them appropriate solution with a surety of bringing the hidden truth out.
Our way of dealing with the cases differentiates us with the other detective agencies. We bring the best and truth to help you in taking the right decisions. Our post matrimonial investigation covers:

→ Extra marital affairs → Attitude of husband/ wife towards the family → Divorce cases → Tracking of day to day activities of the husband/ wife → Attitude of family towards the husband/wife → Relationships with the co- workers

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