Insurance Fraud Investigation in India,Insurance Detectives in India

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigations
Go to eradicate infringements on the law and order, and to do away with crime it is necessary to persistently improve crime detection techniques. Criminalistics has an important role to play in this field. It provides efficient crime detection techniques to specialists. Methods and means employed by criminalistics are also used in crime prevention.

By examining and generalizing the methods of crime detection techniques criminalistics creates better methods of crime control. The present stage of criminalistics which has evolved from separate branches to a coherent system of scientific knowledge is characterized by a high degree of a comprehensive use of scientific and technical achievements and by a thorough elaboration of methodological problems, the tactics and methods of crime detection in the interests of justice.

It is a science of crime detection. To detect a crime means to expose all its attending features and identify the criminal. Crimes are uncovered through criminal procedure and operative search activities.

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